Posted by: suek2001 | October 6, 2010

The weirdness of work

I start a new part-time job this week. So far, it seems to be going well but I realized the first week of any job is not really about the duties assigned. It’s about the people you work with. Duties can suck as far as what you do if you think about it too long but the people you work with are what make a job.

 In this economy, we are always looking for the job that sounds good. Decent hours, decent pay, decent benefits. Some of us have traveled down a path that is more about survival than about career advancement. The older I get, the less I worry about what my college degree says. As long as my bank balance is on the plus side, I feel good, especially after all the bills are paid.

 In almost every job I had the first week was weird. Trying to find where everything is located(bathroom knowledge is a plus) and who everyone is and their ranking order is also a challenge. I find that for the most part, I try to be extra funny and my insecurities show the most. I want to help but I sure don’t want to screw up really bad this first week. It takes a while for me to relax and enjoy the job for all of it’s quirks and duties.

 As a newbie, it’s a bit like high school. My first night, I could tell there were people who had their own cliques and social orders. They all seemed nice to me but I still felt a bit like a party crasher. I’m sure the feeling will subside as I grow to accept them and they tolerate me.

I just think the first week awkwardness is something that afflicts more of us than realize. There’s the three stages of getting a job. Getting the interview. Getting picked for the job and then fitting in once you start. I’ve mastered two out of the three. I hope I can do the third one.

If not, I know I have friends and a church that loves me and that will always matter most.


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