Posted by: suek2001 | September 11, 2010

Let us choose love and life on this sacred day!


Just a brief note about today. Nine years ago today, we lost something collectively as a nation. We lost fellow citizens, heroes and a way of believing about our nation. Those planes not only crashed into the towers, fields and Defense buildings but they crashed into the sense of our well-being.

We began to accept the fear that our leaders were feeding us and perhaps, we fed ourselves. We accepted all the new security measures as part of the cost of being safe yet the fear didn’t go away did it?

It may never go away.

Nine years later and we fear mosques being built, books being burned and the wrong politician holding office. I don’t fear muslims or the appearance of muslims as much as some do. I fear the ease that so many average people give into violence on a daily basis. People still die every day and yet we don’t express the outrage and sadness that we did nine years ago.

For those that would say, there’s a difference between terrorist attacks and a shooting, I saw only in the intention. Laws aren’t going to help make us better people. A different President or Congress won’t make us better people but love will. All of us, Christians included, choose the cheap and easy form of emotion, anger over love all too often.

Let us resolve on this day to choose love..and to Love as Christ has loved us before the death toll rises even higher.

May God and His peace reside with us all..Amen…


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