Posted by: suek2001 | July 23, 2010

An Interesting Day


An interesting day..

Yes, it’s been too long since I’ve written in my blog. A lot of ideas have popped into my head to write about but nothing too concrete has formed. I have rants galore but I believe my gift is not in ranting but in delivering world class essays without all the bluster that rants in so many “interweb” blogs have.

I don’t usually write about specific days but yesterday was an interesting day for the fact it seemed to have a theme to it. Taking things for granted..

It all started with some forms. Forms are an interesting mind game. They deal in reality but are just abstract enough to keep us from the cold, hard truth of this world. These weren’t ordinary forms. They were papers that would give me access to my mother’s bank accounts in case anything happened.

In the past year, My mom has had heart issues, a cancer scare and cataract surgery. She’s under 70 and lives a lone in another state. So, she has taken some steps to make sure that her wishes and what little belongings she does have are taken care of. It’s weird to be given this kind of role. I am my Mother’s daughter and I always will be. I’m not sure I like the idea of being caretaker of her estate, such as it is. I love my Mother but in my heart, she will always be here and these papers are like a big step in admitting she won’t be..and as I approach 40 next year, that is a scary thing.

As I was leaving my building to take care of the paperwork, I hit the down button for the elevator. Our building has eight floors. I live on the seventh. As the elevator doors opened up, I started to walk in and noticed two serious young men with our caretaker. I then noticed a stretcher with a body bag on it. Whoever the person was, they were dead. I surmised they came from the 8th floor. Needless to say, I waited for the next elevator. I asked around the building who it was and they told me it was a guy who always sat in the community room on the first floor. I recall who he was. He always asked me how work went. Apparently, he was diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago and died of a heart attack Tuesday night. I say all this as I’m sure his family was preparing to say goodbye gradually. Yet, he was gone in an instant. I won’t see him hanging around the coffee pot anymore..and the image of him in that body bag will stay with me for awhile…

Trying to move forward with my errands of the day was a bit difficult after that but I moved forward. After doing taking care of the paperwork, I stopped at the corner grocery store. On the way home, I lived up to me geeky, awkward reputation by twisting my ankle and falling to the sidewalk. I skinned my knee and hurt my ankle and wounded my pride. It was a long, two block walk home.

Right now, my ankle is doing better and my knee still hurts. I realized that I took for granted how merely walking free of pain could be delight. I also realized the simple pleasure of filling out the rest of my plans for that day would have to wait. Again, I took for granted the idea that things would always go my way.

This day was eventful to say the least. It wasn’t my greatest day but it reminded me that each day is filled with moments that sent me into directions I didn’t plan. With grace, chocolate and a comfy chair, I think I made it through okay.


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