Posted by: suek2001 | June 16, 2010

What a Day That Will Be-A tribute to Joan Hack


What a Day That Will Be…recalling Joan Hack..

In a few hours, an interesting cross section of people will be filing into a church in North Fort Myers, FL to pay their respects to a woman that passed away last week.

I wish I could be there but distance keeps me away. My distance is in miles but not in thought.

Joan Hack died last week, just three days before her 50th wedding anniversary to her husband George Hack. So much has gone through my head and heart as it relates to her that it is hard to write anything cohesive.

I was about 12 years old when I started attending Cape Coral Assembly of God in 1983. It was a decent sized Pentecostal Church for it’s time, way out where “God left his overshoes” as my Mom put it. We were taken there every Sunday by our next door neighbors Virgil and Roxanne Berlin. It was because of their generosity, we felt we were part of the family. As I recall, George and Joan started coming shortly after we did and Joan quickly rose to prominence within the church. She was a Sunday School teacher and then eventually an assistant Pastor.

One thing to recall was this all happened in the 1980’s in the South. Women in leadership roles had a tough road. I know there are still some men who will never listen to a woman preach the word of God.

Joan wasn’t an experiment in some Spiritual Title IV. She was someone who studied the Word in such detail that I heard people say “I’ll ask Joan where it says that in the Bible”.

 She was a role model to me as she forged a path of spiritual intellectualism and graceful walk in faith. She also had a heart for the people of Cape Coral and surrounding areas and her philanthropy was legend.

 George and Joan were and for me will always be a team. She’s gone from this earthly plane but their love will shine on as an example of how two people with different personalities can meld together and be a blessing to so many.

 I mentioned Virgil Berlin earlier in this blog and I did that because it reminded me that he too passed away a few years ago. Now, Joan has moved on. As my Aunt and my Grandmother passed on in the past, I thought of how my wonderful summers were merely hazy memories now. With Joan’s passing, I fear that my spiritual beginnings may fade too. Still, I have hope as those years are something that can’t be duplicated. My friendships with some of those people has ebbed and flowed but I have new friends and a great, small church that captured the spirit of the Church I walked into all those years ago.

 I am thankful for that time and for Joan Hack’s place in it as it gave me a foundation for my walk with Christ now.

“What a Day, that will be, When my Jesus, I shall see,When I look upon His Face, The one Who saved Me by His Graceand He Takes me By the Hand and Leads Me Through the Promised Land.What a Day, Glorious Day that Will Be”

 That’s more than just a hymn sung at almost every Pentecostal memorial I’ve ever been to. It’s a sweet promise we can cling to.

Goodbye Joan. See you Soon.


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