Posted by: suek2001 | May 5, 2010

A prayer for Nashville

  A long time ago, I knew that I was someone who loved water or at least being near it. Water seemed to be something that drew me to it when I was a kid. I was never a great swimmer or world class athlete in the pool but staring at blue water, whether it be an ocean, lake, river or stream mesmorized me.

I grew up in Minneapolis which seems to have a lake on every corner and live in Duluth, next to the greatest Lake of all, Superior. Growing up, I lived in Fort Myers which was 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and about five minutes from the Caloosahatchee.

Water fascinates me as it has the power of life. Yet, lately, it carries a price of death with it.

Minnesota is no stranger to flooding. While tragic in nature, it’s something we prepare for. In Tennessee on the other hand, they don’t. I’ve never lived there but have had friends that do. Several of my favorite Christian artists make their livelihoods there as well as country musicians.

Nashville has given our nation a lot in the musical realm and right now, the song she is singing is a cry for help. I can’t fathom what the people are going through. The ache I feel when I see those disturbing images of houses and school floating next to semi-trucks on a freeway is hard to convey.

I know the media is focused on the oil spill and it’s economic and ecological impact. It is am important story but the same could be said for Nashville. Businesses will take forever to dry out and operate at full capacity. Families will have to figure out how to start over without their homes (foreclosed or not) and without their loved ones. Twenty one people are dead from the storms that have ravaged the region. Yet, it rates a 30 second blurb as the third story of the night on the nightly news. There may be more dead coming and still all we can discuss is an arrest in NYC and a pelican covered in oil.

It is time we say a prayer for the people of Nashville. It is time we stop thinking about how much shrimp and gas prices may rise and start thinking of our fellow citizens that are drowning in death and hardship in the South. It is time the media get a clue that the world they cover is not just in NYC or LA or on the border near Arizona.

It is time to pray.


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