Posted by: suek2001 | April 3, 2010

It is Finished!

 As I type this, it is Good Friday. A lot of thoughts run through my mind on this day. It is a sad day for me. This week was such an intense week for Christ. I won’t go through a biography of his life as theologians and preachers have done that already. I will say this is the one week where I really feel as close to the experience of Christ as I can be. I’m not talking about being crucified but all of the things that led up to it.

It must have been eerie knowing the people who would hail you on that blessed Palm Sunday, would want to kill you five days later. Fair weather friends I would say. I’ve had that happen especially with Christians. It must have been sad to share a meal with friends and all they can talk about is themselves and how awesome they are. I’ve been around those types too..and in fact I have been that type as well.

 It must have been scary knowing you were going to do something that you didn’t really want to do and ask for guidance and get the hard answer instead of the easy one. Many times I’ve asked God “Can I do anything else but this job or this task?” and gotten the answer of “no”. Still, through the denials of the disciples, the indifference of the political leaders and the whips of the Roman soldiers, He still felt it was worth it all..for me.

 I can complain on how my life isn’t fair or that things aren’t going the direction I want but still He actually chose to be nailed to a Cross for me…so we can be closer and have a relationship…so we can understand each other….so I can know the truest Love that will ever reveal itself to me.

 So I say this to the doubters and the non-believers, I won’t justify my faith to you or try to explain it as it is who I am and who I will be. Christ’s love is a wonderous thing and it touches us all in different ways. It heals us of our wounds and wipes away our transgressions. All the other things that people love to rant against is just stuff. Christ’s loving sacrifice on that Cross is what give us love and freedom. His resurrection is what gives us hope. So, call it it silly…call it nothing but until you open your heart to Him, it is impossible to understand true faith and the true sacrifice of this day.

 Let us never take this day for granted for it is why we are here.


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