Posted by: suek2001 | March 24, 2010

So how weird is your faith?

  I just got done watching a so-called documentary called “Religilous”” starring Bill Maher. I watched it merely because I enjoy a good debate on religion. This movie wasn’t so much a debate as it was a slanted “Atheists are good. People of faith are bad” type thing. There were several parts of the movie that offended me greatly but there were parts that amused me and it brought to light something that I hate to admit.

I have religious bigotry in me. As Maher was explaining several different faiths, I actually laughed at some of the tenets of world religions. I laughed at the tenets of Mormonism and wonder how Donny and Marie can think like that? I also laughed at the mere thought of Scientology actually having any suck…er…followers..Tom Cruise notwithstanding(or jumping).

Now, as a Christian, I’m familiar with all the warnings of what is a cult and what is not. I know Jehovah’s Witnesses strike a bit of weird chord for some of us. Then again, Pentecostals strike fear in the hearts of Baptists with tongue talking. So we all have things that freak us out about other faiths or even lack of faith.

 I’m not saying they are all ways to God. I wouldn’t dare say that. I can’t give up my spiritual superiority complex. All I’m saying is that maybe the next time we want to tell someone they aren’t following the Scriptures the right way, we should take stock of where we are in our faith..and live it out.

They will come if we are living the way we should. Judgement among believers is a problem and I think it will always will be…Christ died for all. He also loved us all. He lives in the hearts of those who love and serve Him. How we get there is part of the journey but as long as we call on Him, that’s what matters…unless you’re athieist..and then you are out of luck..:-)



  1. Well Sue, I too also enjoy a good talk about religion. So, here goes.
    (By the way, I know of you through Kingston Crossroads)
    Maher’s movie, it is true, is his own take on religion and of course slanted towards his point of view…but then what movie / book / TV program / talk show / etc. isn’t?
    And when it comes to religion, ever sect believes “they” are the chosen ones.
    Atheists are of course, not immune to believing that as well. However, they possess a powerful point of argument that others do not; there is no evidence to prove that Jesus ever existed. None.
    Given that, how does one put “faith” in no thing. One might as well believe that your daily morning banana (which I hope is true!) can “ease your suffering.” No, I’m not being facetious. Would it be possible to believe that Abraham Lincoln existed without photographs, documents, eyewitness accounts of his life? I think not. And yet millions choose to believe in this God-Man, born of a virgin, who performed miracles, died and was re-born to ascend into heaven and become a God.
    Hercules is accepted as myth; and yet, he was the child of the union between a God and a mortal, performed many miraculous deeds, died only to be born again, ascend into the heavens to become a God. Why not Herculeanism? Herculeanity?
    It just doesn’t make any sense.
    Religion is man-made, invented to raise ooodles of cash and keep the populus afraid allowing others to lead where they choose, making it virtually impossible to take responsibility for their own lives.
    “It’s God’s Will.”
    “God works in mysterious ways.”
    “God told me to do it.”
    “If I don’t get 8 million dollars by next Thursday….”
    When put that way, it does make sense, doesn’t it?

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