Posted by: suek2001 | March 17, 2010

Glenn Beck and the warped view of church.

Glenn Beck certainly has stirred a lot of controversy this week with his “Run, if your church mention’s social justice” rant a few days ago. Better people than I have examined his words and wondered exactly IS social justice.

I’d like to take a different tack. If we run because a certain viewpoint or idealism is expressed in our congregation, aren’t we really just in it for ourselves?

Here’s the thing. I belong to a great but small church. I couldn’t fathom leaving it unless God(not some talk show host) directed me to…

I have seen so many people turn churches into yet another area of self-satisfaction and there are plenty of preachers out there willing to teach that. So, if you don’t ascribe to all the political views or economic views of your church than don’t go. Why go at all?

I am not saying we shouldn’t question doctrine to see if it lines up with the word of God but I am saying, it can;t always be about us..our needs..our wants..our fun. What do WE put into it? What do we as beleivers put into our churches? Do we just sit there and yawn when the sermon goes long? Do we fold our arms in disgust when a song is sung that we don’t know?

Churches need to have an impact in communities across the globe but they can’t if all we do is sit back and wait to be entertained or told how awesome we are as people because we checked the right box at the ballot.

We have to participate.  Singing, sitting in the nursery, ushering, calling people up during the week.,giving rides, operating the overhead, running a food shelf, collecting clothes for the needy.

These are the truest forms of social justice within the church and they aren’t just reserved for leadership. They are for all of us to do.

I hope we get that message soon or the Church as a whole will lose it’s impact.


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