Posted by: suek2001 | February 3, 2010

Christ on the Cross again burns with desire.

I get a Yahoo News Alert with John Denver updates in it. This link came to me and intrigued me but upset me at the same time.

I am a huge John Denver fanand also a Christian. While some feel those two traits aren’t compatible, I disagree. I loved and sometimes worshipped John Denver when I was younger. At one point, I made the decision that idol worship wasn’t the best path for me to be on. So, I chose prayer. I prayed for John every night for him for over ten years.

As a new Christian, I prayed for him to come into the saving knowledge of Christ. At least that was my approach. While he never stood up and proclaimed a specific faith, I always knew him to be searching. Years later, I found out that during the time I prayed for him, it was one of the roughest times for him personally and professionally.

This article brings up a point of a man trying to evangelize to him and thinking John was lost because he didn’t bring John to a state of salvation. Only God knew truly what was in John Denver’s heart and John’s heart was a seeking heart.

Scripture tells us often enough that “if we seek, we shall find”. I do beleive that I’m not the only one who prayed for this man over the years. I’m sure his late mother did too. How does this pastor know that John didn’t accept Christ?  I really think John did…I have faith that he did for all the praying and that was done for him cannot return void. All the Scripture that John learned over the years and the training that his parents taught him came back full circle.

On a personal note, I have prayed for a lot of people over the years. I have helped various people in situations and listened when they needed me yet I have never led anyone in the sinners prayer. There are moments  I wonder if I actually am making a difference for His kingdom. I imagine myself in front of the Bema Seat and see God look at the list of things I’ve done and under “souls saved” see a big fat zero.  Still, I;d like to think that each of us has a grand part to play in the Kingdom of God. Some of us witness..some of us pray…some of us just live our lives quietly through our faith. Sometimes these roles change given the quiet nudging of the Spirit. I firmly beleive that I have made an impact even if I never know of it.

I’m sure this evangelist was sent by God to witness…but maybe not to save.  Who knows? Maybe somewhere in that dark night of the soul, John realized justhow much God Loved him and how all his talents from directly from Heaven.

One last personal note, about an hour after hearing of John Denver’s death, I prayed to God, “Please give me a song to comfort me”..I thought a John Denver song would enter my spirit but it didn’t.  Instead, Third Day’s “Praise Song” filled my soul. I thought it odd that God would use that song to comfort me in my mouring ’till it dawned on me that God was rejoicing as John went home.

I’ll close with John Denver’s own words from my all-time favorite song of his, Stonehaven Sunset, written in 1989.

Stonehaven Sunset the deserts on fire
Christ on the cross again burns with desire
They are shooting at random though they aim at us all
Its the children who rise up and children who fall
All the angels are weeping the sweetest of tears
Fall like rivers of mercy to wash all our fears
Sing a song for Old Glory and a future that dies
Sing of Stonehaven desert home, Stonehaven Sunrise


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