Posted by: suek2001 | February 2, 2010

The host with the most?

Let me state outright that I LOVED the Grammy Award Ceremonies when I was younger. Oh how I loooked forward to them every year. Of course, if the generation that watches them now, saw the ones back in the early 80’s, they would have died of boredom. For one, they actually gave out awards DURING the ceremony. They also featured popular performers from all facets of music. It was more than pop, rock, country. There was jazz, classical and opera. I recall really getting into some of performances over the years. I recall Rick Springfield doing Jesse’s Girl. Eurythmics doing Sweet Dreams and I swear Men at Work singing Down Under. All the ceremonies were done with a level of class and grace that have been mssing from the ceremonies these past few years.

The big difference is the host..or lack of one.  John Denver hosted for about five years. Once they dropped the part of him singing medleys of “Song of the Year”, the show gained a bit of credence.  John ran things with grace, charm and wit.  He seemed enthused by all manners of music and loved it when the gospel choirs would come out and let it rip.

It was the one TV event of the year, I looked forward to. Three hours of John Denver on my TV was enough to send me to Heaven and back.

The saddest part of John hosting was that he never won a Grammy while he was alive. For all his talent in hosting and  grace while performing or presenting, he never won. He was nominated a couple of times but came away with nothing. The hardest loss for this John Denver fan was when Micheal Jackson won over John for Best Children’s Album in 1984. At that moment, I knew John’s time was over in the pop realm.

Fast forward to 1998, John was nominated for Best Children’s Album for “All Aboard” mere months after his untimely passing. He would end up winning and his children would collect the trophy.  The award was not televised. That hurt as there was no mention of his passing in the broadcast. After all the years that John gave to program, no mention was made from the stage.

Still, what an album to win for. Some said he won out of sympathy for his passing. I can’t buy that because that album was tight. It was a fun-filled album of train songs. No gimmicks and enjoyable to kids and adults with forays into bluegrass, pop and Texas Swing, it was John’s last and his best album and it will now forever be the Grammy-Winning album.

John Denver deserved it. It’s too bad it took so long for the Grammys to realize his gift. I hope someday he will get that Lifetime Achievement Award. He deserves that as well.


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