Posted by: suek2001 | February 2, 2010

I wanna get “Lost”

Tonight is the Season Opener of  “Lost” and it seems like 8pm is taking forever to get here.

I heard the premise all those years ago and thought it would be worthwhile to check it out. The pilot hooked me. Locke and Sawyer held my attention. This is the last year and it’s hard to believe , my TV will be without it next year.

Nothing was like it. It is a great show. It is a mind-bending show. It was a boring ,slow moving show. It was sci-fi, time travel, character studies and spiritual all at once. It had me love it and hate it all in a matter of weeks.

The best thing they did was shorten the season and give it an end date. Now, Lost feels like an event, a long running movie on TV. How will it end? Who will Kate wind up with? Will Jack ever stop beleiving himself to be the center of the universe? What will become of Ben? Will Charlie come back? What about Desmond?

Too many questions? Too many people to miss.  For those that never got the fuss about Lost, good news. The entire series will be on DVD someday. You can relive it there and so can we.

I know this blog is supposed to have weight and depth but today just doesn’t feel that like that kind of day for me. The economy is in the crapper. Our world gets darker and yet, there’s this little show that just gives us a chance to lose ourselves and hope for a better tommorow and a possible rescue from whatever nightmare we are  in right now.

That’s great television.

(Cue creppy music and the swirling word “Lost”)



  1. I absolutely love me some LOST and can’t wait to see how they end things on the island…

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