Posted by: suek2001 | January 20, 2010

For mothers….

Just read where John Denver’s mother passed away. The following link takes you to an article.

John’s mother was featured ina couple of tributes to her son ans she seemed to be a sweet soul. I mourn with her lone surviving son Ron and also her grandkids that are now without her.

Mothers have been on my mind a lot lately. First, a friend’s mom passed away last year. This woman was like aseocnd Mom to me. I was always humbled by how much she cared and I smile at the mere thought of her caring, giving and wacky spirit. I know my friend has been hit hard and all the stages of grief that mesh together over time are infused in her now. She has other family to help get her through this but a mother-daughter bond on it’s own level is hard to duplicate.

Shortly after her mother passed away, my Mom dealtwith health issues and the uncomfortable issue of mortality comes sharply into focus. What made my situation worse is that my Mom went through the health battles all on her own in a hospital more than a thousand miles away. I felt helpless and a bit guilty that I was living my own life in my own city but Mom reassurred me that I was where I needed to be. Through a miracle too complicated to explain, Iwas able to spend Christmas with mymother..a time I will always cherish.

I would love to plead with all daughters and sons out there that still have their mothers around, to call them…make an effort to be close. If they respect themselves and respect you then they deserve your love. If they were cold or distant to you or downright abusive to you, pray for them. It will do you both some good.

Mothers are to be cherished especially the good ones and I know for a fact, John Denver’s Mom was one of them good ones.. I raise a glass to her and all the other charming lovely women that blessed us through the years.



  1. I am the friend who’s Mother had the “caring, giving and wacky spirit” that suek2001 has written about.
    Thank you suek2001 for remembering Mom.
    To know that others found her a treasure warms my broken heart.

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