Posted by: suek2001 | January 20, 2010

Did they put away their dreams?

Today is the anniversary of the passing of John Stewart, the singer songwriter that could do wonders in song and story..

To honor him, I played “Bite my Foot” a concert CD released last year. As I listened to a song called “Mother Country”, one line struck out at me. The song refers to the Johnstown Flood and how the children reacted. and the line “and they put away the dreams that belonged to little boys”.

I thought about that line long and hard and the one thing that came to me was our current epic disaster in Haiti. The devastation is enormous and if the country can come back from this, what will remain?

Some have said this nation was horrible before..cursed..poverty-ravaged…and yet, I still care. We’ve seen what happens after disasters happen in the US..We pick up, plow our way through government red tape and move on. My question is this, will Haiti?

I sit here comfortably at my computer in my nice apartment far away from it all. I have no means to help but prayer.  That line from John echoes, “they put away the dreams that belongs to little boys”. In that flood, they became men and whatever vision of life they had or hope they had, it changed when the floods came.

When the buildings crumbled, the lives of so many children changed. They may still be young things in physicality but they grew up over night. They lost their parents, their friends, their teachers, their siblings and any sense of stability. They may not have had that to begin with but poor people somehow always manage to have dreams and lives, if they are given the tools to survive. I can just imagine how these children are now. No playtime for them only horror.

I wish I could do more than write..I wish I could give all I have…I wish I could give those children a future of better days. It will take so long to restore that nation, if at all. I hope we don’t forget them and I hope the children don’t forget to hope.


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