Posted by: suek2001 | January 8, 2010

A new begining 15 years ago…

I’m a bit geeky for dates in my mind. I have a knack to recall them where others tend to look at me like I’m crazy.

Fifteen years ago today, I moved out of my Grandmother’s house into Elliot House. Now, that may not seem like a big deal but I had just moved out of Florida away from my Mother to go to Bible College in Minneapolis. I was too old to live on campus and thought living with my Grandma would be best. I stayed with her numerous times over my lifetime but living with her became a whole new universe. She had become used to living alone and I was an intrusion. I helped around the house but I also longed to be seen as an adult. Still, I was terrified to take a chance on living on my own. I couldn’t fathom surviving in this world alone.

Things came to a head in December of 1994 when we got into a heated argument and she said “You have three weeks to get out. I don”t care where but you can’t live here”. I was hurt as I felt I was being thrown to the wolves. I saw an ad for a rooming house and called the number. Saw the place the next week and thought it was a bit dumpy but I figured it was my only shot.

I had my own room but shared all the living quarters and all the utilities were included…for about $180 a month.

My Grandma and I smoothed things over but I also came to realize she did the right thing. I needed to be kicked out or I might never had tried. I spent six years at that rooming house and weathered the good times and bad. As a result, I have two close friends from my time there. These ladies show me what Christ’s love and support truly are.

I wish my Grandma was alive so I could thank her for that gift of eviction. I led me to where I am today. I live by myself in a fantastic apartment overlooking the most beautiful city in the world.  Just as all those years ago, I couldn’t fathom living on my own, I can’t fathom living WITH anyone now.

Sometimes, taking a chance can be scary but the rewards down the road are worth it!


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