Posted by: suek2001 | January 7, 2010

A party I don’t want to join!

As I’m checking my emails and such, I’m listening to World News with Diane Sawyer. I love this newscast now as Sawyer adds just that extra something to the mix. They just did a report on the growing movement of the Tea Party.

I cringed..I am a conservative.  Don’t get me wrong but I’m also a believer that being conservative means believing in the best and what’s right about our nation, returning it to the goodness that we know once existed. The Tea Party only brings rage to the political landscape, nothing more. Maybe I haven’t read deeply into the momevent enough but I just can’t abide a momevent that preaches anger and discontent. As I have said in another post, we need to bring hope back. Yeah, Obama promised us that but when will we see that bringing hope back into our communities is what will change things for the better…Yelling at a senator or screaming “Obama is Hitler” at the White House won’t change things.

If the Republican Party buys into this momentum, then I know I won’t be paying admission.  It is time for the anger to subside and solutions to arise. So far, neither party seems interested…and if conservatives just become the idealogy of anger without direction, then maybe I’m not one of them either.

“Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline, it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”-REM



  1. I think the conservatives should start a positive spin conservative organiztion – ala a conservative “”.

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