Posted by: suek2001 | January 5, 2010

It’s a Great Night for America, Everybody!

I just wrote a rather dreary blog entry about how this past decade was one of fear and sorrow. Well, I want to remind some of you that there was a definitive bright spot on the cultural landscape. His name is Craig Ferguson. His show is called “Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson”. It airs at 12:35am every night on CBS. I am lucky enough to live in the Central time zone so I get him at 11:35.

What a blessing this man is to late night,to comedy in general and to the American Citizenry. He is much more than a jokester, he’s also an author and a great reminder of the potential as Americans we do have in this nation.

If you haven’t seen Craig’s show, it’s hard for the written/typed word to do it justice. Take a man with a Scottich accent and have him rant on anything from the Jonas Brothers to tangerines and chocolate in a Christmas stocking and it is just funny..and true..and easily identifiable.  He may go for cheap laughs with innuendo but he’s so clever with those cheap laughs, you don’t even realize it. His speeches on the greatness of America and why it works are modern poetry with a real patriotic flair.  Yet, this same man can dress himself up in costumes and play with puppets with reckless abandon. I laugh every time. 

On a personal level, I appreciate what Craig did for me in helping me appreciate my Aunt. My Aunt Betsy had been ill for some time and she was staying up late at night watching TV. One day, she called me to tell me about this funny guy she saw on CBS. I never thought my Aunt had a sense of humor so I figured it must have been Leno.  When she told me, it was Craig, I smiled as I had discovered him months before. I loved my Aunt dearly as we shared many things in common but that was the first time we could laugh at the same things. She passed away in 2007 but when I watch Craig now, I hear her laughing and it helps heal the loss. So Craig gave us both that.

In addition to his TV show, he’s a brilliant writer. His novel Between the Bridge and the River, is not only hysterically funny but insightful on the subject of televangelism. He also wrote his biography entitled American on Purpose, a brash, dark look at a life that was tragic that turned redemptive. His message that American is a nation of second chances is a hopeful one. I’m still hoping for mine but as long as Craig’s around, I’ll have an enjoyable ride.


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